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Support Robots in the Midlands–Sponsor the Garnet Squadron!

4-H Garnet Squadron Robotics Club was founded to bring the excitement of FIRST‘s programs to students across all of Lexington and Richland Counties, targeting areas underserved by area schools.  Our experienced mentor base knows that not all schools are capable of hosting a FIRST Robotics Competition team: some can’t afford it, some don’t have a dedicated teacher, and some are simply too small to sustain one.  Similar logistical and teacher issues can limit participation in FIRST LEGO League just the same.

By forming a 4-H club, we remove these barriers for interested students but do not receive any funding from schools.  The University of South Carolina helps us immensely with build space and logistical help, but they simply can not fund our team’s budget themselves. Your support is key to our team’s continued success!

Download our sponsor packet below for more information on supporting the Garnet Squadron.

4-H Garnet Squadron Sponsor Letter (PDF)

If you are interested in making a donation, you can make an online donation now!

Save Energy and Build Robots–Buy an LED Light Bulb!
The Garnet Squadron is joining with other FIRST teams to sell the FIRSTGreen e-watt saver LED light bulb.  These super-efficient LED light bulbs replace a standard 60-watt bulb with a high-efficiency warm-white LED light that draws just 10.8 watts.  With no mercury or lead inside, you have far fewer disposal worries–especially if the bulb breaks from a knocked-over lamp! At local electrical rates, the bulb can pay for itself in the first year with about five hours of daily usage.  Manufactured by Samsung, these bulbs have a three-year warranty and are rated for 15,000 hours of life.

At $10 per bulb, these bulbs are a great way to support the Garnet Squadron, save on your energy bill, and make the planet that much greener!

Garnet Squadron LED Light Bulb Flyer (PDF)

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