2015 Control System BETA Team!

2015 Control System RoboRIO

We have been selected as the 2015 Control System BETA Team in the state of South Carolina. What this means for us is over the next 3 months we will be hard at work testing and debugging software, hardware, and documentation to make sure it is of the highest quality for FRC teams this upcoming season. What this also means is that we will be holding a control system seminar here in Columbia for all South Carolina FRC teams to attend to get a look into the changes with the new hardware. We will be posting weekly updates on our soon to be created BETA Blog, where our student and mentor leaders will outline the tests and findings of that week’s BETA test team meeting.

Our primary experience is with Java and LabVIEW so most of our testing will be done in these languages, but we also have some local support in the C++ area so we won’t leave that area untouched.

We have preliminary plans to hold 2 special control system events; one at the SCRIW Off-Season event and one more at the University of South Carolina College of Engineering at another date. We want to make sure that all teams will get a chance to ask questions and see for themselves the differences that the new control system will bring to FRC. Lastly we will have “Open-Shop” Saturdays starting in late August for teams that wish to visit our shop to see our progress in testing the system.

If your team has any questions please send us an email at garnetsquadron@gmail.com



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