FRC 2014 Season & Build Begins!


On January 4th, 2014 FIRST released the newest edition of the FIRST Robotics Competition game. This year’s game is called Aerial Assist alliances of 3 teams will drive their robots and attempt to assist each other in trying to score points. Teams have 6 weeks from the game reveal date to design, fabricate, build, program, and test their robots for the competition season that begins at the end of February. Garnet Squadron will be competing at the Palmetto Regional, and Orlando Regional. Throughout build season the team will meet at the University of South Carolina machine shop and Engineering building to accomplish a long list of tasks between the regional chairman’s submission, team sustainability planning, design CAD, programming, fundraising, fabrication, building, and testing.

Access to the Game Manual can be found here:

Access to other technical resources can be found here:

To check out the game animation for this year’s competition check out the video below:


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